Mummy Makeover

The term Mummy Makeover is commonly used when discussing plastic surgery. Mothers are usually so preoccupied with raising their family and looking after their partner that they neglect to look…

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ALCL Update

More cases of ALCL continue to be reported in association with textured breast implants. The European regulatory authorities and the TGA have recently ruled that certain macro textured implants such…

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Double Bubble Deformity

Double Bubble deformity is an unusual complication following breast implant surgery. However, it can be very distressing. It may be secondary to an unrecognised ptosis or droop but more commonly…

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Silicone Implant Disease

Many patients come to see me requesting implant removal, often having had them for considerable time. They typically suffer a myriad of non specific symptoms including rashes, pain and chronic…

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