Ultraformer III is the leading technology for facial lifting, tightening and contouring. It has become the treatment of choice for patients who are not yet indicated or not willing to undergo surgery. The technology ultilised is HIFU or high intensity focused ultrasound.

Ultraformer III’s high peak power and multi-layer treatment mean that patients feel an immediate benefit, then experience ongoing improvement. Without affecting unintended areas or layers of tissue during treatment, MMFU-powered cartridges focus accurate beams of ultrasound energy into target areas of skin tissue for lifting and tightening the face, and subcutaneous fat layers to induce contractions and disposal of stubborn fat cells (such as under the chin).

Traditionally difficult areas such as eye lifting are made easier with Ultraformer III’s specialised cartridges. It is possible for patients to experience up to 6mm of eyebrow lift.

Patients notice an immediate benefit in improved skin tone and texture, with ongoing improvements over 3 to 6 months.

Most patients require 1-2 treatments with a maintenance session at 1 year.

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