Liquid Face Lift

As we age, the face begins to lose volume and elasticity in the form of elastin, collagen and shrinking fat pads – this contributes to sagging facial features, lines and folds – often leaving people looking tired. In conjunction with this, skin texture becomes uneven and discoloured. In 2019, Cosmetic

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Considerations when choosing Rhinoplasty

If you are intending to have a rhinoplasty, first do your homework. Check out the credentials of your surgeon. Is he or she a qualified Plastic or ENT surgeon? Are they experienced? Do they have a special interest in Rhinoplasty?  Look up online reviews, although always take them with a

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Keloid Scarring

Keloid scarring is an occasional complication secondary to surgical wounding or trauma. It is characterized by excessive growth of scar tissue beyond the boundaries of the original wound. Certain wound sites are more prone to keloids and include the ear, secondary to piercing, the outer shoulder area and the pre

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Double Bubble Deformity

Double Bubble deformity is an unusual complication following breast implant surgery. However, it can be very distressing. It may be secondary to an unrecognised ptosis or droop but more commonly is due to the selection of of too large an implant. If an excessive size is chosen either the implant

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Body Lift Surgery

Body Lift Surgery typically follows profound weight loss either from natural means or more commonly from Gastric Sleeve Surgery, otherwise known as Bariatric Surgery. Typically the sagging skin fails to take up and hangs loosely. This is most apparent in the upper arms, breasts, abdomen and thighs. Having maintained your

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Silicone Implant Disease

Many patients come to see me requesting implant removal, often having had them for considerable time. They typically suffer a myriad of non specific symptoms including rashes, pain and chronic fatigue.  They have often researched extensively on the Net and come armed with considerable knowledge. However, there is little in

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Portia’s Blog – Latest Training Seminar in The Gold Coast

In late June I was lucky enough to attend the Non-Surgical Symposium on the Gold Coast. Over the course of four days various international cosmetic dermatologists and cosmetic doctors presented on the latest techniques. The training sessions encompassed; wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, IPL/Laser, topical skin care, managing adverse events and

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Dr Timothy Cooper visits Geraldton

Dr Cooper and Nurse Portia visit Geraldton on a 6-8 weekly basis, usually on a Friday.  Please call 08 9389 9522 for an appointment.  All new patients that book with Portia for non-surgical treatments receive an Aspect Dr Try-Me Kit for FREE!! Aspect Dr Products are made in Australia for

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Aid Trip to Bali 2018

Tim recently returned from aid trip to Bali. This was under the auspices of the Kolewa Foundation and The John Fawcett Foundation. Mark Duncan Smith a specialist Burn Surgeon also attended. His expertise was put to good use as the majority of patients presented with quite nasty burns contractures, principally

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Body Contouring & Body Lift Procedures

Body Contouring is a term that encompasses various skin reductive procedures that may be necessary following extreme weight loss. This is usually a consequence of Bariatric Surgery. These procedures include Breast Lift, Brachioplasty, Abdominoplasty, Body Lift and Thigh Reduction most commonly. You should ask your GP or Bariatric Surgeon for

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