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A breast lift or mastopexy is a plastic surgery procedure that corrects loss of firmness and sagging of the breasts (ptosis). It involves removing excess skin and tightening the tissue to reshape the breasts. The procedure helps to recreate a youthful shape and is common among women following childbirth or significant weight loss.

Here at Rodin Clinic Perth breast lift typically takes one to two hours. You can expect to be discharged that same day. A mastopexy involves some degree of scarring on the breasts. These encircle the areola and may involve a vertical or horizontal scar on the lower side of the breast. The procedure involves suspension of the tissue internally.

Augmentation mastopexy

Some patients present requesting a breast augmentation when they may also require a lift. This is known as an augmentation mastopexy.

It used to be recommended as a two-stage procedure for safety reasons but is more often done as a one-stage procedure. However, it is important to realise that the complication rate is higher for an augmentation mastopexy given you are performing two different procedures in the one setting.

Initial consultation

You should organise a consultation prior to your treatment to determine if a mastopexy is suited to you. In your consultation with our Rodin Clinic plastic surgeons team, Dr Cooper and Dr Choa will evaluate your skin quality, the degree of breast sagging, nipple direction, nipple size, the breast tissue quality and volume to determine your suitability. Our team will create a tailored treatment plan for you. Our plastic surgeons will discuss your medical history and medications. Your consultation is the ideal time to discuss your questions and concerns about the procedure. You should address your ideal mastopexy results with Dr Cooper and Dr Choa so they can tailor the treatment towards achieving these results. Contact our team at Rodin Clinic today to book your next breast lift consultation.

Breast lift procedure

Patients should not eat or drink anything for six hours prior to the procedure. A mastopexy takes from two to three hours to complete depending on the method. Firstly, the procedure begins with making a cut around the areola which then extends to the natural breast fold. In your consultation, one of our specialist plastic surgeons will evaluate your breast tissue laxity and skin to determine where to place the cuts. The position of your nipple will also inform the position of the cuts. We commonly combine a mastopexy with breast augmentation. Dr Cooper or Dr Choa will place the implant behind the chest muscle or between the chest muscle and the breast tissue.

A mastopexy removes excess breast skin and tissue to reposition the breasts. Our plastic surgeon will shift the nipples to a higher, more youthful position during the mastopexy. He then stitches the breast together, tightening the skin. He will leave the nipples attached to the tissue underneath to preserve nipple sensation and access to breastfeeding.

The Anchor Method: Our surgeons will make a cut around the areola and then down to and along the breast crease. We use this mastopexy technique when a patient has severe breast sagging. Dr Cooper or Dr Choa will remove the excess skin. He then repositions the nipple as well as the remaining breast skin and tissue.

The Lollipop Method: This technique is used for moderate sagging and may or may not be combined with Breast Augmentation.

How much does breast lift surgery cost in Perth

We will tailor a quote for your breast lift procedure with Rodin Clinic. Dr Cooper and Dr Choa will evaluate your mastopexy and explain to you how it works. He will then guide your treatment to match your desired results. Our clinic determines your quote by evaluating elements of the surgery such as the supplies our team needs for the surgery, the hospital needs and the extent of the surgery. Our team will tailor your breast lift quote as the mastopexy is tailored to you and your needs.

A Medicare rebate is available for cases of breast lift surgeries. Surgeries must be medically necessary to be covered by Medicare. Item 45558 covers the correction of breast ptosis. If two-thirds of the breast tissue and the nipple sag past the breast fold and if evidence exists, Medicare will cover this procedure. Patients must have evidence of how important this procedure is and a referral from a medical professional. Private health insurance may cover a mastopexy. You should discuss with your provider whether they cover breast lifts. Contact our Perth clinic to book your next consultation.

Surgery aftercare

Patients can expect some bruising and swelling. Your surgeon will provide detailed instructions to follow in the days and weeks following the mastopexy. This contains important information regarding wearing compression garments, caring for your drains, and taking antibiotics if necessary. Patients should avoid smoking and medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen that can increase the risks of bleeding in the surgery.

It is critically important to follow all these guidelines and to refrain from strenuous activities such as heavy lifting. Most patients are typically able to return to their regular routine in approximately three weeks, although recovery times tend to vary greatly for each individual. We encourage patients to organise for a family member to drive them home from the mastopexy and to organise childcare whilst they are healing.

All cosmetic procedures carry a degree of risk and breast lifts are no exception. Any specific risks will be discussed with you during the consultation concerning your breast lift in Perth.

Risks & complications

There are several risks of a breast lift. Bleeding and infection are unusual. Recurrent sagging, scar issues and asymmetry of the breasts are common reasons for re-operating. Very rarely part of the nipple complex may die even if the nipples are not removed and replaced.

How to choose the best breast surgery clinic in Perth

Patients should evaluate certain aspects when choosing the best breast surgery clinic in Perth. Firstly discuss your physician’s experience and training in general and then with breast surgeries. The prime surgeon for your procedure will have extensive experience and knowledge performing a breast lift. Patients should then ask their surgeon about their treatment plan for the mastopexy. You can then compare this plan with your desired results. Compare the before and after mastopexy images of each clinic to see an example of what results you may receive.

Research each Perth clinic to determine the correct one for you. Patients should compare the success rate and treatment results. Importantly, clinic websites that are up to date usually reflect a clinic that has up to date practices. Book several consultations with different clinics to determine the right one for you. In your consultation trust your instincts of what a clinic is like and about the surgeon. Contact Rodin Clinic to book a consultation with Dr Cooper and see if we are the right breast surgery clinic for you!

Breast Lift FAQs

Several techniques are available which aim to remove excess tissue and reshape the breasts. The best option depends on a number of factors including your physical condition and requirements. This is why the initial consultation is so important. Your surgeon will carefully review your options with you and explain what the procedure entails.

The surgery typically takes one to two hours but may take longer in some cases. You can expect to be discharged that same day. Breast lift may be combined with a breast augmentation or internal lift.

Patients who are self-conscious over their sagging breasts are ideal for the mastopexy. We operate on patients who have flattened and elongated breasts that sag noticeably lower than most breasts do. We aim to restore a patient’s youthful look by repositioning the breasts and nipple with a mastopexy.

Patients should have a breast lift after they decide to have no more children. Once they decide against future pregnancies we encourage them to have a mastopexy to restore the natural beauty and shape of their breasts.

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