Thigh Reduction

Thigh Reduction

Thigh Reduction is also known as: Thigh Surgery and Thigh Lift.

What's involved in a thigh reduction procedure

Thigh reduction refers to a reduction of the inner thigh. Your surgeon may elect to perform liposuction alone, often in conjunction with liposuction of other areas such as the hips and abdomen. Alternatively, he may recommend medial thigh excision if the tissues are loose or flaccid. The scars are placed in the groin and buttock creases. If the thigh tissue is excessive circumferentially a longitudinal incision down the inside of the thigh to the knee may be necessary.

The procedure is performed under a GA and drains are often left in place for a day. Wearing an elastic garment post op is encouraged.


Generally it’s best to recuperate at home where things are familiar and you can access help.  Some people elect to go away for their recuperation and that’s fine as long as you have adequate access to wound care and help with daily chores.

Following your surgery you will be prescribed pain medication which may be an analgesic or an anti-inflammatory or sometimes a combination and this prescription is given to you by your anaesthetist . Should you have concerns about post-operative pain relief then you need to address these with your anaesthetist.

Plastic surgeons undergo extended rigorous training which involves at least 7 years post graduate study.  As part of that program they learn about cosmetic surgery.  Under current legislation anyone can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon provided they are a doctor.  However, unless you have a higher specialist qualification in plastic surgery you are not allowed to call yourself a Plastic Surgeon.  Dr Cooper is a qualified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who performs cosmetic surgery.

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