Double Bubble Deformity

Double Bubble deformity is an unusual complication following breast implant surgery. However, it can be very distressing. It may be secondary to an unrecognised ptosis or droop but more commonly is due to the selection of of too large an implant. If an excessive size is chosen either the implant is placed too high in the chest or the inferior fold is lowered surgically in order to accommodate the implant. This results in the implant bottoming out creating a double bubble. The condition does not self correct.

Treating the deformity requires working out how the deformity occurred in the first place. It is important to correct any ptosis or droop and a smaller implant choice is more likely to succeed in correcting the deformity. If the implant has bottomed out the mammary fold must be reconstructed. This may be accompanied by capsular repair, release or resection and often a combination of the three.

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