Silicone Implant Disease

Many patients come to see me requesting implant removal, often having had them for considerable time. They typically suffer a myriad of non specific symptoms including rashes, pain and chronic fatigue. 

They have often researched extensively on the Net and come armed with considerable knowledge. However, there is little in the medical peer reviewed literature to support Silicone induced disease. Nevertheless, if the patient feels strongly that the implants should be removed then I will endeavor to help them. 

A thorough clinical examination and ultrasound generally suffice for preoperative investigation.  An Ultrasound will usually exclude a rupture.  I will then discuss with the patient whether they may benefit from a lift at the same time.  An En-Bloc Capsulectomy refers to the complete removal of the capsule with the implant. The capsule can be sent off to pathology at the request of the patient.

Even though there is a paucity of evidence supporting silicone induced illness I find that anecdotally most patients feel their health has improved considerably following implant removal.

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