ALCL Update

More cases of ALCL continue to be reported in association with textured breast implants. The European regulatory authorities and the TGA have recently ruled that certain macro textured implants such as Allergan, Eurosilicone, and Sientra should be withdrawn from sale but have not recommended that patients with these implants have them removed unless they are symptomatic.

Smooth implants have never been associated with the development of ALCL and the incidence of ALCL with micro textured implants such as Mentor products, is exceedingly rare.

My own practice is to offer new clients the option of smooth or micro textured Mentor implants. The majority elect to have micro textured implants placed. I perform annual surveillance of my implant patients. This involves an US examination if symptomatic or to simply rule out implant rupture.

If there is unexplained swelling of one breast you should have your doctor organise an urgent US and possible aspiration of contents for cell analysis.

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