Augmentation (Implant) Sizing

Many patients stress about implant sizing once having made the decision to have a breast augmentation. The surgeon can help by introducing bra sizers in the consultation room in front of the mirror. Some surgeons use 3D imaging which looks great but has never been validated in choosing the appropriate size.

Surgeon bias often comes into it as most Plastic Surgeons are fairly conservative with sizing. There are also regional and cultural preferences in sizing. For example, patients on the Gold Coast will often choose a larger sized implant. The mean implant size in Australia is usually in the low 300’s. (ie. cc’s or gm’s)

Ultimately the size choice rests with the patient. It is wise to avoid too large an implant as published studies do show more problems with larger implants. However, the commonest cause of dissatisfaction after augmentation is that the patient may regret not going bigger in implant size.

Ultimately you should choose an implant size that looks appropriate for your native breast size and height and body shape.

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