What you need to know when considering a Breast Augmentation

Questions to ask at the consultation

What are the qualifications of your surgeon? Are they a cosmetic surgeon, general surgeon or plastic surgeon?

There is no legislation in Australia that protects you the consumer form inexperienced operators as anyone can use the title surgeon.

How many operations of this type has your surgeon done?

Experience is paramount.

Where will the operation be done and what sort of an anaesthetic does the surgeon propose?

Only consider having your surgery done in a licensed operating facility. In a bid to cut prices some doctors operate out of unlicensed facilities.

This is fraught with danger if things go wrong.

Only consider having your procedure under a general anaesthetic. This is not a procedure that lends itself to twilight sedation.

Make sure a qualified anaesthetist will be present during the procedure.

What if I’m not happy post surgery and who pays?

Great question. If your surgeon is reputable and things have not gone according to plan then they will likely stop charging for any revision necessary.

If you carry health insurance it is likely that most costs can be covered.

Should I consider going interstate or overseas for surgery?

Absolutely not. Who is there to care for you post op? What happens if you are not happy or suffer a complication after returning home?

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