Registered Nurse/Cosmetic Injector – Portia Boaro

Portia is Rodin Clinic’s Registered Nurse & Cosmetic Injector.  She has extensive (over 5 years ) dermal injecting experience and is up to date with all the new techniques in wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers.  She regularly attends conferences and seminars within Australia.  Her specialty is :

  • Correcting Facial Assymetry with natural results
  • Skin Needling with the new Skin Pen
  • IPL- Photo Rejuvenation & Hair Removal
  •  Chemical Peels- Jessner’s & Aspect Dr Peels

Portia has exceptional customer service and communication skills. She is also very knowledgeable with Aspect Dr Skin Care and all types of Make-up.  Portia has over 12 years experience as a cosmetician.  All injectable consultations with Portia are FREE and she will be happy to create a treatment plan for the new you.  Portia is available Monday to Friday and also in Geraldton with Dr Cooper.