What you need to know about Anti-wrinkle injections in Perth

It is important to ensure that any Antiwrinkle injections are performed by an experienced and qualified practitioner.  Too often we hear of people ignoring this advice to “save-a-buck”.  Don’t risk your health and well-being find a professional such as Rodin Clinic.

How much does Antiwrinkle Injection cost?

The cost is fairly uniform in Perth and works out around $13 a unit. The price may vary according to the brand used. The most popular brand used is Botox. The total cost varies according to the number of units used. Your therapist will determine how much to use depending on the areas treated and the effect that is desired. For example, treating the crow’s feet around the eyes may require 6-12 units per side which could work out to a total of $150 to $250.

A special case is treating excessive sweating of the arm pits. The total dose is quite big but the cost is offset by a Medicare rebate. Other medical indications include Strabismus, Cerebral Palsy, and Migraine.

How do Antiwrinkle Injections work?

The common agents used include Botulinum Toxins A (Botox) and B. These are denatured proteins derived from the Bacterium C Dificile. Their mechanism of action is to block ACh receptors at the neuromuscular junction. The blocked muscle no longer responds to electrical stimuli and this degrades its action.

The blockage is not permanent and this is because the muscle receptors eventually overcome the chemical blockade and start to respond to nerve impulses again. There is some evidence that in administering Botox over an extended period the requirements may lessen with time.

How long do Antiwrinkle Injections work?

The onset of action is not immediate and may take several days to take effect. We generally say that Botox lasts 3-6 months. i.e. the effects can start wearing off after 3 months and are usually gone by 6 months. However, there is considerable individual variation and some people are fast metabolisers. There is no limit as to how many repeat doses of Botox you can administer.

Do Antiwrinkle Injections hurt?

Antiwrinkle injections are generally well tolerated by most people as an office based procedure. It is however technique dependent and more experienced injectors have less issues with pain. Cooling of the skin helps. If you have a real pain phobia, then pre-treatment with EMLA may help.

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