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The shape of our nose can sometimes be a source of insecurity, with noticeable bumps or asymmetry. Our nose plays a large part in the overall appearance of our face and common aesthetic concerns can sometimes interfere with facial harmony. While making aesthetic adjustments is an appealing option to some, the idea of undergoing a permanent surgical change can be daunting to many.

Creating long-lasting, mild to moderate aesthetic adjustments to the nose, nose reshaping can be achieved with nose job fillers, in a procedure known as non-surgical Rhinoplasty or injectable Rhinoplasty. The procedure can be highly personalised to achieve the goals of each candidate. In a consultation with Dr Cooper at Rodin Clinic, Perth, each candidate will be able to discuss how nose filler can be used to make their desired aesthetic changes.

Benefits of nose job fillers

A non-invasive alternative to surgery, nose reshaping with dermal nose fillers can have a variety of benefits.

Firstly, recovery time is fairly minimal and much less stressful on the body than recovery from a rhinoplasty procedure. A procedure with nose job fillers will allow you to return to your normal daily routine afterwards, as long as you avoid strenuous exercise, excessive heat exposure and direct exposure to sunlight.

Thanks to the long-lasting yet non-permanent nature of nose fillers, the results of the procedure can be tweaked overtime, making minor adjustments during each future maintenance appointment. It can also mean that, should a candidate feel unsatisfied with the results, the results will fade overtime.

A surgical rhinoplasty requires general anaesthesia, which some candidates may want to avoid. Nose reshaping with dermal fillers will take about 20 to 30 minutes and can be performed after applying a topical numbing cream to the area.

Finally, the smallest amount of dermal filler can make a noticeable improvement to the shape of the nose, when placed in the correct areas. Whether you are bothered by a noticeable bump on the bridge of your nose, asymmetrical nostrils or a droopy nose tip, adding volume to the nose can work wonders to achieve facial harmony. Although adding dermal filler to your nose seems like it will make it look bigger, correcting asymmetry and concealing bumps can actually make your nose look smaller by achieving balance.

The non surgical nose job procedure

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty can be an effective alternative to traditional rhinoplasty, non-invasively augmenting the shape of the nose.

Using dermal fillers, the specific aesthetic concerns of the nose are hidden or minimised, by applying more volume in certain areas to create balance. Even a small amount of dermal filler can make a difference, depending on the features of each candidate.

Before the procedure, a topical numbing cream can be applied on your nose to make the process more comfortable. Should you feel any discomfort, it should only be a slight and fast pinching sensation as the dermal filler is placed into the precise area. About 1mL of dermal filler is used at a time, assessing the immediate results before more is used during the procedure.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty can take about 20 to 30 minutes to perform and will allow you to return to your normal daily routine straight away, with the exception of following some important aftercare instructions.

During your Perth consultation, Dr Cooper can determine the best way to perform the procedure to achieve the results you want. He can describe the steps in further detail, including the placement of the dermal filler and the amount needed.

Reshaping your nose with nose job fillers can make mild to moderate changes, but it is important to note that more significant changes would require surgery. If, after learning more about a non surgical nose job, you think surgery is a better option, head over to our surgical rhinoplasty page.

Recovery guide

Since nose reshaping with fillers is a non-invasive alternative to surgery, it will be associated with a much shorter recovery time, as well as fewer recovery instructions.

After a non surgical nose job, you may experience some swelling or bruising, but this is normal and should subside within the first three days after the procedure. To help reduce swelling faster, you can lightly apply a cold compress, and try to sleep and rest on your back with your head slightly elevated on an extra pillow.

To help speed up the healing process, prevent complications and achieve the most effective results, you should avoid strenuous exercise for about two days. You should also avoid applying pressure to your nose, as well as exposing the area to excessive heat or sunlight. To keep the area clean, avoid applying makeup and skincare products for about 24 hours after the procedure.

Costs of injectable rhinoplasty

Your non-surgical Rhinoplasty procedure costs will depend on the amount of dermal nose filler used, the procedure time and anaesthesia fees (numbing cream costs).

The cost of dermal fillers for nose reshaping are measured by millilitres, and the amount needed will depend on the goals of each candidate, as well as the features of the nose.

Dr Cooper will assess the structure of each candidates nose during a consultation at our Perth clinic, which will then provide you with an accurate price quote.

It is important to remember that, in order to maintain the results of injectable rhinoplasty, refresh treatments are needed as the dermal filler naturally fades overtime. The rate at which each candidate will need these additional treatments will depend on how fast the dermal filler fades, which can vary from person to person.

Side effects and complications

All treatments with injectables can be associated with possible side effects. The key is to minimise the chance of side effects occurring by choosing a reputable clinic with experienced injectors, who have a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy.

Although a non-surgical Rhinoplasty is not a surgical procedure, it still requires thorough knowledge of the deeper structures of the nose, since important veins run through the area. If the procedure is performed incorrectly, important deeper structures of the nose can be damaged, which can lead to more serious complications, such as blindness.

In terms of possible minor side effects of the procedure, non surgical nose job risks can include swelling and bruising, tenderness, or numbness. In some cases, asymmetrical results can occur, which would require an additional treatment to address.

To avoid additional complications, like irritation or infection of the injection site, always follow your recovery instructions closely. Be sure to keep the area clean, avoiding applying makeup and skincare products for about 24 hours after your non-surgical Rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty FAQ's

Dermal fillers are naturally absorbed by the body overtime. This means, although the procedure can create long lasting results, the results are not permanent and will require maintenance treatments to refresh. The non permanent nature of the nose filler can be beneficial, as each maintenance treatment may be tweaked to make minor adjustments should personal preferences change overtime.
The initial results of injectable rhinoplasty can last for a year or more. Generally, the length of time that dermal fillers can remain in the body can vary from person to person, as it depends on the rate at which each candidate’s body will metabolise the dermal filler.

Suitable candidates for a non-surgical Rhinoplasty will need to be in good physical and mental health, will not have any allergies to cosmetic injectables and will have realistic expectation. Each candidate will have their suitability for the procedure assessed during a consultation, taking health history, personal preferences and any medications candidates may be taking into consideration.

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