Let’s Talk Lip Enhancement

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Lip enhancement is a hot topic and thanks to the Kardashians it now seems that bigger is better! However what really needs to be understood is facial balance and harmony.

We all have different shaped faces and whilst one is youthful a slightly fuller pout can be attractive. However as we start to age facial shape can change dramatically. For example, we lose volume to our cheeks, meaning that our face will appear flatter and we start to develop naso labial folds, those lines that run from the nostrils down toward the mouth.

Even we one is youthful; some people just have naturally flatter cheeks. If too much product is injected into the lips and lips only, this is when the dreaded trout pout look can rear its head, therefore surrounding facial structures really need to be examined before just more and more product is injected into the lips. A desirable result is one that is both natural and in balance with the entire face.

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