How to treat neck ageing non-surgically

With more people than ever on their phones- “Tech Neck” is a very real problem. However, this is just a new age term for an age-old problem. The neck is such an important indicator of a persons’ age, I am often asked what treatments are available for this area. Patients often look after their faces and neglect their necks, and suddenly their neck looks 20 years older than their face. I will be discussing how to treat neck ageing but also more importantly how to PREVENT neck ageing.

Ageing of the Neck

Volume loss

Like the face, the neck loses volume and the skin is not supported as well by the fat.

Loss of structural support from the jawline

The jawline holds the skin of the neck up, and as we lose bone and soft tissue in the jaw, the structural support disappears, and everything drops.

Fat developing under the chin

This can happen at a very young age even in a thin person who is susceptible, creating “submental fat” usually known as a “double chin”. Growth of fat under the chin compromises a youthful defined angel of the neck and affects the side profile.

Platysmal band effects

With constant contraction and shortening over time, the neck angle is compromised by the platysmal or neck bands.

Skin ageing and Sun damage

Skin will age and this is exacerbated by sun damage and other environmental factors. This causes
crepiness, pigmentation, poikiloderma and wrinkles.

Neck lines deepening

Necklace lines are present at all ages but range in severity. As we age they deepen and become more depressed with volume loss.


This occurs as a result of all the age-related factors mentioned above.


What treatments are available for neck ageing?


Skincare is the first treatment that should be started for the neck. All products that you use on your face should go on your neck and hands. The neck can be more sensitive than the face, so a tailored skin plan is best.

We would recommend every skin routine include these products:

An SPF every morning: Aspect Dr Envirosat Spf 50 Sunscreen

A medical grade antioxidant serum: Aspect Dr Active C Serum

A Vitamin A night-time serum: Aspect Dr Exfol A Plus Serum

A pigment prevention/reversal serum: Aspect Dr Complete Pigment Plus

Home Care Devices

The Omnilux Contour LED mask is an example of an excellent home care device for the neck and face. It is FDA approved and safe for use on all skin types and ages. I recommend you use it for 10 mins every day while relaxing. It’s an effective way to boost your collagen at home, especially when you can’t make it into the clinic for an Omnilux treatment.

Rodin Clinic is a stockist for the Omnilux LED Mask.

Skin Needling

Skin needling is fantastic for the neck to tighten, reduce lines, improve texture and stimulate collagen production.

Our clinic only uses the best in skin needling devices- Skin Pen is the only FDA/TGA approved medical needling device. I recommend a course of three, spaced 4-6 weeks apart for best


This in clinic device is great for improving skin quality, reversing sun damage, treating pigmentation and reducing broken capillaries/redness.

Platysmal Band Injections (Nefertiti lift)

Obvious or overactive neck bands can be treated with wrinkle relaxers. This treatment needs to be repeated every 3-5 months.


Fat dissolving in jawline

The neckline angle is very important and even a small pocket of fat can be ageing.

The fat can be permanently dissolved with a series of injections.

It is best to address this issue as early as possible so that maximal retraction of the skin can occur.
Ideally this will be done before 40, but results will still be excellent in older age groups. It is great for both men and women.

The results are natural and the injections can also have a skin tightening effect.

Jawline fillers

As patients age, their jawline bone dissolves, which interferes with the structural support of the neck. Dermal filler can be used to replace this volume loss.

Fractional Laser

Non-Ablative Fractional laser can be used to improve the skin on the neck. The Icon laser is fantastic for reducing fine lines, tightening the skin and building new collagen. This treatment also has
minimal downtime and lower risks.

Biostimulator for the neck

Biostimulators treat volume loss and tighten the skin at the same time. They work by stimulating the body to produce its own collagen.

Dermal fillers for necklines

Fillers may be used to lift the deep necklace lines.

Skinbooster in neck

Skinboosters are a softer dermal filler which are used in the lines of the neck and whole skin areas to
replace age-related loss of hyaluronic acid. This is perfect for finer lines and overall crepiness.

When should I start treatments for the neck?

The sooner treatments and good skin care are started, the better. Prevention is the key word in cosmetic medicine. In saying this, all ages will benefit from treatments to the neck.
It’s never too late to make improvements and boost your confidence.

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