Facelift vs Threadlift

I’m often asked about threadlifts as an alternative to having a facelift. Whilst I am a big fan of non invasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers I’m not at all enthusiastic about threadlifts. For starters they are more invasive and are not cheap. More importantly, they are not effective over the medium to long term. If they were, more plastic surgeons would embrace them.

I’m also asked from time to time about more specialised facelifts such as the pony tail lift or S lift. These terms are more about marketing and hype rather than a valid alternative to conventional facelifting. They have not been shown to be better in any respect.

What I do think is terribly important in facelifting in the Australian population is optimising the skin both prior to and after surgery. At Rodin Clinic we recommend a topical skin care regime and a course of fractionated laser tailored to suit your skin type.

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