Cosmetic Surgery Overseas?

Having surgery overseas remains popular, primarily because of cost savings. However, it is a case of buyer bewares.  There are many potential problems with having your surgery overseas.  These include the inability to verify the training or qualifications of both treating surgeons and hospitals.

There is the problem of a rushed consultation without time for a reflection. Typically, patients are assessed a day or two prior to the intended surgery and there is little time for changing your mind.  There is also the language barrier between the treating doctors, nursing staff and the patient.

On discharge from hospital you are sent to a hotel. Once you have gone home you cannot have your post-operative concerns adequately addressed by the treating doctor.   Major complications, of which there are a substantial number, often end up being managed by the Australian public health system.  These, by nature, are often salvage procedures and horror stories abound.

There is also the moral question of diverting medical resources from the needs of the local population in third world countries such as Thailand.

The shorter answer is, it is not worth the risk having elective cosmetic surgery overseas. Your health is not worth gambling with. Check out our partner offering finance options.

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