Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

The decision to proceed with a Rhinoplasty is a stressful exercise. Choosing a competent surgeon is difficult.This is the first hurdle. Make sure your surgeon is trained in either Plastic Surgery or ENT Surgery and has a special interest in rhinoplasty. Make sure you do your research on the internet before booking a consultation.

Prior to the consultation set out your goals clearly. What do you want to change? Do you have breathing problems?Make sure your surgeon has a digital imaging device as this helps outline the aesthetic problems to both the surgeon and the patient. Ask to see some of the surgeons previous work.Ask your surgeon what happens if the result is less than ideal and who pays if further surgery is required, given that the revision rate can be high.

You should come away from the consultation feeling confident with your surgeon. If not don’t hesitate to seek another opinion.

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