Body Lift Surgery

Body Lift Surgery typically follows profound weight loss either from natural means or more commonly from Gastric Sleeve Surgery, otherwise known as Bariatric Surgery. Typically the sagging skin fails to take up and hangs loosely. This is most apparent in the upper arms, breasts, abdomen and thighs.

Having maintained your new weight you may be a candidate for Brachioplasty, Thighplasty and Abdominoplasty or Bodylift procedures. Ideally your weight loss must have been stable for at least 3 months and your nutrition optimal. You should take the opportunity  to discuss all of the above when consulting your Plastic Surgeon. Be sure to ask about where scars will be placed and how they will look.

When discussing Tummy Tucks your surgeon may discuss Mons Reduction, Fleur de Lis vertical incisions and possibly a circumferential body lift if warranted. Procedures can often be combined but your surgeon may elect to break down your procedures in staged intervals. 

Cost may be an issue when considering staging. Many of these procedures have item numbers but there are often considerable gap payments.

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